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1984 - Cosmetic Essence - and six employees - begins blending and filling fine fragrances in a modest warehouse.


1988 - Operations are relocated to a facility featuring greater capacity and equipment to support Estee Lauder, our first big customer.


1994 - Business flourishes. By our tenth anniversary, CEI purchases additional facilities focused on emulsions and color cosmetics. Research & Development function is established, and accelerates discovery and development of industry leading product formulations.


2005 - CEI diversifies capabilities into household products with the purchase of a former Sara Lee plant in Douglasville, PA.


2008 - CEI Poland opens its doors. Poland's focus is hydro-alcoholic filling and set assembly serving the European fine fragrance market.


TODAY - CEI operates five facilities on two continents, totaling more than 1.5 milion square feet. World-class manufacturing and cutting edge product innovation continue to drive our growth.


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